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Los Angeles Museums: 2014 Video and Social Media Rankings


How much are Los Angeles area museums using Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr? Who's reaching the widest audience through social media? Which museum videos have captivated the public? How does LA compare to New York?

This 42-page report assesses 2013 video and social media utilization, reach, and output for 61 museums, gardens, libraries, and zoos in Los Angeles, LA and Orange Counties, and the surrounding area (see view 2).

We gathered statistics on the number of video views, photos, and tweets associated with 61 museums during a 48-hour period at year-end 2013 and produced the rankings packaged in this report. This PDF download provides over 40 tables of stats for each social-media channel (see view 3).

We also list the most popular museum-produced videos by subject during 2013 in six categories -- exhibitions and collections, music videos, coverage of lectures and interviews, science reports, community events, and promotions.